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Who we are:

We are a group of investigators located in Southern Illinois. Living and growing up in Southern Illinois has proven to be an adventure in itself. With all of the "ghost stories" and locations of so called paranormal activity in the area, it has proved to be a challenge and given us the chance to hone our techniques and abilities. Our objective is to help anyone who believes they are experiencing paranormal activity by investigating and determining what they are experiencing. We do this by using scientific methods wherever possible. We do this at the cost of our organization. Southern Illinois Ghost Hunters Society will never charge for an investigation. Each member of our investigators brings a unique insight to our team. We have all been interested in the paranormal and unexplained for as long as we can remember.


Privacy is the utmost importance at Southern Illinois Ghost Hunters Society. During an investigation, personal and other information that is obtained will be held in the strictest confidence by all members and is not allowed to be shared outside the paranormal investigation group. NO INFORMATION WILL BE RELEASED TO ANYONE WITHOUT THE EXPRESSED WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM ALL THOSE INVOLVED.
We at Southern Illinois Ghost Hunters Society understands that those who are experiencing paranormal phenomenon are under a great deal of stress. The experiences are often times frightening and confusing. Many want the experiences kept quiet and therefore fear an investigative team. All of our vehicles are unmarked so we do not 'bring the spectators' by parking out front of a location with large signs and emblems on our vehicles. We are not out to make a television show, nor gather media attention. We are here to help those who feel they need answers to what they are experiencing.


Southen Illinois Ghost Hunters Society realizes that accidents DO happen sometimes, although in all of the time we have been investigating we have never had a complaint of such incidents. Southern Illinois Ghost Hunters Society take full responsibility for any injuries to their members or damage to their equipment and release any and all liability to the client. We understand that we have been invited to investigate a location. We should not act as intruders, but as guests.

Request an investigation:

If you feel you would like Southern Illinois Ghost Hunters Society to perform an investigation. Please e-mail us and we will be happy to do so. Since we DO NOT CHARGE for an investigation, out of respect for other investigators we must limit our travel. If Southern Illinois Ghost Hunters Society can not perform the investigation, we will contact someone who can. On occassion we will invite another paranormal group to join us on our investigation. This depends on the time we are allowed and the size of the area. We prefer to have smaller groups, but again depending on the time and size of the area being investigated.

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