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If you need us to perform an investigation, please feel free to e-mail us with a contact number, location (town, state) and a brief description of what you are experiencing. We will review the information and contact you back either by e-mail or phone to set up an initial interview with one of our investigators. We at S.I.G.H.S. resepct your rights as a client and will keep you, your information and location strictly confidential unless you allow us to put certain information such as photograph's, EVP's or other data on our website for other investigators and the public to see and hear. In some cases we may need to call in assistance from other paranormal researchers from the area, (size of area to cover, amount of activity, etc.),

Out of respect for other investigators and their groups, we have a limited area of travel, so if we are unable to perform an investigation, we will be glad to put you in contact with another group in your area who can help you.

Due to the amount of hours it takes for a thorough investigations, (collecting and reviewing data), S.I.G.H.S. may not be able to perform all request for investigations. In this case we will put you in contact with another group in your area.