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Alton, Illinois

Lovejoy Monument cemetery - In the cemetery is buried a little girl that died suddenly from a mysterious illness and she walks around the cemetery and darts behind the gravestones like she is playing hide and seek. You can also see the ghost of Elijah P. Lovejoy walking around his monument. If you go into the cemetery at night you will constantly walk into chill spots and it could be 90 degrees out.

Lovejoy School - Many reports of ghostly walking, doors opening and closing, on their own, lights going on and off, and objects being projected across the floors. It is believed that the school is partially located on Indian burial grounds. There have also been ghostly sightings and the scent of strong perfume.

McPike Mansion - The owners have an outside annual Halloween bonfire. The house is extremely creepy looking, the owners are trying to restore the mansion. It is now condemned by the city of Alton, so you cannot go inside the mansion. There is a lot of history and unexplained things that go on here. Presences felt, perfume smelled, apparitions, and strange electrical phenomena.

Mineral Springs Hotel - The Lavender-Lady is one about a woman who loved the lavender smell. She had an affair and her husband found out. He chased her down some steps and nobody really knows the rest of the story except that he killed her. There is also a story about the pool area at the basement level. A woman drowned in the pool and it was because of a man. WARNING: There is a fee to see the hotel.

St. Anthony's Hospital - This is a very haunted hospital. there is at least three ghosts there. on is a small boy on the third floor in the administration area. another is said to be on the second floor near the endoscopes dept. the third is on the first floor in the sterile processing dept. this ghost is said to be one of the nuns from the order that is in residence at the hospital.

Choate Mental Health and Developmental Center - Reports of apparitions of people running, people standing in the windows as you drive by, also reported a man that walked in the tunnels and felt a hand on his back. It is reported that there are faces in the buildings and the uppers and lowers the cottages are also EXTREMELY haunted by nurses and prior residents. There is also reports of a "devil dog" attacking a resident and when lights in the room were turned on there was nothing just scratches all over the persons body. There are several accounts of choate being haunted but it is mostly under choate in the tunnels where all of the activity happens because the old buildings burned and all that was left was the original basements which is now the tunnels that run all under choate and some even run out of Choate.

Union County Hospital & Nursing Home - On the second floor of the hospital there is a little boy who died in the 50's and when you go there in the night you see him. In the nursing home there are many people who were once residents there and every now and then you catch a glimpse of them.

Desoto, Illinois

Desoto Grade School - In 1925 when the tri-state tornado ripped through this community it leveled the two story brick building killing many children. At night you can still hear the children laughing and playing through the halls and on the playground.

Johnston City, Illinois

Arrowhead Cemetery- Hooks Tomb - The legend says that if you go up to the tomb and run around it clockwise 3 times then knock on the door 3 times you will smell roses.

Jonesboro, Illinois

Dug Hill Road - Jonesboro is located in the southwest corner of Illionois,a fairly mysterious area and the land where the state actually began with the settlement of the early French and British pioneers.Five miles west of Jonesboro is a road that cuts through the side of a hill and has been dubbed "Dug Hill Road" over the years.The road was originally built by early settlers as a shortcut to the nearby Mississippi River.Many legendary tales have been told about this road and many stories vary as to the phenomena reported here...but all can agree on how it came to be haunted in the first place.Sometime near the end of the Civil War,a gang of Union Army deserters murdered a law officer names Welch on the road through the hill.He was ambushed late one night while driving a freight wagon along the dark road.A short time later,sightings of Welch's ghost began to be reported.A passing driver spotted the body of a man who was lying on the road in a pool of blood.He climbed down from his wagon and went to assist him...only to see the man vanish before his eyes.Dozens os similar reports have been collected over the years,along with other strange events,like unexplained rifle shots and the sound of phanton horse's hooves beating on the roadway.Another driver claimed to actually see a loaded freight wagon,pulled by a sweating team of horses,move silently down the road one night...the wagon's wheels floating more than a foot off the ground!

McLeansboro, Illinois

Lakey's Creek - Named after a settler names "Lakey",for 150 years a headless rider has been seen haunting a concrete bridge that spans the waters of the creek.THe spirit is supposedly of "Lekey" who was found by his neighbors one morning decapitated.An ax was also found as a murder weapon.His killer/s were never found and he was buried next to the unfinished cabin he was working on.

Nashville, Illinois

The Old Han-Dee Mart Building - The legend speaks of an elderly lady named Marie who came into the store daily. After she passed away, odd things began to happen. Employees reported odd feelings when in the back room by the cooler; the remote control Christmas lights changing rotation only on the second shift and once a stack of paperwork slid off a shelf, sat in the air momentarily, and then fell to the floor. A customer and two employees once witnessed a loud scream. Customers outside pumping gas heard nothing. The old Han-Dee Mart building was sold and is being converted to an office building. I wonder if Marie will stop by to visit?