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Greetings and welcome to our new Find A Group page. Here I have tried to compile a lists of active groups that are located on the Internet to make it more simplified to locate a group for either a client in need of answers, or an investigator looking for a group to join. Since there seems to have been an explosion of groups to pop up all over the place, you, the client or the investigator, must decide which one you would like to choose. You must do the research into the group, all S.I.G.H.S. has done is locate the website and post it here in order to make it less time consuming and less frustrating to find a group. I would advise reading about the different groups in your area before choosing one. Since all S.I.G.H.S. has done is ‘the leg work’ we can not be held responsible for the actions nor the beliefs of each individual group. As you find differences between the groups you must be the one to decide which one to contact. Some groups you will find implore the ‘psychic’ methods, 'ouija biards', and 'séance's', while others implore the more traditional ‘scientific’ methods. Each group has different views on the paranormal. Some of the groups out there are just into the paranormal for a quick thrill, but there are some that are truly out there to not only seek the truth, but to help the client with actual paranormal activity and give the client answers to thier questions. Something to think about is that with most 'paranormal' activity there is a reasonable explanation for what you are experiencing and in some cases there is no explanation. So again all I have done is locate them and post them here for you to choose from and again thank you for stopping by and visiting S.I.G.H.S. and keep checking back as the list will continue to grow. Just because you can’t find a group in your area today doesn’t mean it may not be there tomorrow.

Thank You,
Webmaster S.I.G.H.S.

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