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What Are Ghosts?

When someone mentions the word ghost, many people remember some theatrical feature they saw on television or the movies. Some people say it is demonic activity while others believe they are guardian angels and of course there are those that donít believe at all. In theory, ghosts are the remnants of what was once a human being. Someone who once lived on this earth. The only difference is they no longer have a vessel, the human body to carry them. Some people call this the spirit of the human body. Think about it this way. Life is energy and scientifically energy can not be destroyed, it only changes form. When the human body expires the energy that is in it is still around, it only changes form. Our life energy still exists. Where does it go after we die? Ghosts have the same knowledge and understanding we do, they still have their same attributes they had before such as thought, conscience, emotions, morals and personality. They have just changed form and left this broken vessel behind.

Why Canít We See Or Hear This Energy?

Think of it as frequencies on a radio. We as humans have our frequency set at lets say 6mhz therefore we hear and pick up everything that is in our range with out picking up interference from another station. Ghosts are on a higher frequency, lets say they are at 11mhz therefore as we go on with our daily activities we do not see or hear them. Although it is apparent that ghosts can see us, we can not see them. The proof we have that they can see us is through the evidence that has been collected by the many ghost hunters out there in forms of EVPís (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) and personal experiences with being able to communicate with ghosts through raps or noises in response to questions being asked. Sometimes ghosts want us to know they are there by making noises or moving something such as opening and closing doors. They are not trying to scare us, only let us know they are there. Some people have the ability to tune their frequencies to that of the ghost and therefore can communicate between the frequencies. They are called a Medium or Sensitive. These people have learned to adjust their radios to pick up both stations. They have a very unique ability and can pick up on both residual and an intelligent haunting. Not all mediums are legit so be careful when you speak to one of these. There are tests which you can perform to find out if they are legitimately talking to the other side.

What Is The Difference Between A Residual and Intelligent Haunting?

Everywhere we go in life we leave a piece of ourselves. Where we live, work and play. We leave energy behind. This is called residual energy. It remains in the place we were. It is unaware of us, it keeps repeating over and over the things we did. Letís say it like this. You live in a house for 10 years before you die. Your usual routine every day is as follows, you wake up, go get a cup of coffee, sit and read the paper as you finish your coffee, go to the closet to get dressed for work, you go to the bathroom and brush your teeth and then off to work. Now, after you have died another person moves into your house. They wake up in morning to find the coffee maker is on, the newspaper is spread out over the table, the closet door is open and there is water on the bathroom sink. Immediately they are scared and think someone has been in their house. This goes on for a week. Although they have not been harmed in anyway, it scares them. This is called a residual haunting. Something that plays over and over and over. It never changes the way it is done. This type of haunting does not interact with you, it just goes on about itís business as we shall say. An intelligent haunting is totally different. This haunting will interact with you. It will do random things. It is trying to communicate with you and it is aware that you are there. This one will communicate through raps, moving things, etc. This one will answer questions when asked. This is what we as ghost hunters like to interact with. I will give you a warning thou, NEVER try to communicate ALONE. If you have any of these in your home, please contact a reputable ghost hunting team.