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Haunted Voices, we hear what you fear. Featuring Evp training, discussions , news , articles and more.

The equipment that we carry allows us to collect scientific data from a location to help us to determine if there is a haunting either residual or intelligent or if there is some explanation that can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that there is not a paranormal reason for what is being experienced.

8mm Camcorder is very useful in an investigation. It is one of the ghost hunters greatest tools that allow them to not only document the investigation but allows them to capture paranormal activity. It is also equipped with night vision to allow recording in total darkness so you donít miss a thing.

The digital camera has had very good success in the past in capturing some phenomenal photographs. The difference between a digital camera and a regular 35 mm is you have the ability to download the pictures to your laptop or computer and examine them with out the cost or wait of having them exposed.

The digital voice recorder is a great tool to have. It allows you to capture EVPís (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), which are a very good way for the spirits to communicate with you. It is able to pick up sounds that you may not be able to hear with the human ear at the time.

An EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) Detector is a very sensitive device that allows us to detect variations in the EMF. It is a very good tool to have, it allows us not only to detect a disruption in the EMF, but allows us to follow and detect the source if available.

The Infra Red camera allows us to see and record in total darkness. It has the ability to see in a totally different light spectrum that is unable to be seen by the human eyes at the time.

Infra Red thermometer allows us to stand in one location and detect any change in temperature across the room. It is believed that when a spirit is in a room, it draws its energy from the surrounding atmosphere which causes the temperature to drop surrounding the spirit. This allows us to detect and follow the temperature drop.

A micro cassette recorder is one of the first tools ever used to detect an EVP. Although the digital recorder is a valuable tool, we have had great success with a cassette recorder and have picked up several more EVPís with it than the digital recorder.

Dowsing rods are a great tool for communicating with the spirits. They can answer yes or no and depending on the movement of the rods we can determine if it is a strong or weak spirit. There is one setback to using the rods. You are not for sure just who you are speaking with unless you can prove who it is with a series of test questions that only you and the spirit you think it is can answer correctly. We very rarely use these unless we absolutely believe that it is safe to do so.